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Vakils through its sister concern JVX Media Services Pvt. Ltd. provides XBRL conversion services.

JVX offers a comprehensive set of services for fast, accurate, reliable and cost effective of converting financial report in XBRL format. It also helps you to comply with MCA(India) and SEC(US) mandate.

Our comprehensive services includes

1.  Analysing: We perform a thorough analysis of financial reports
    and create mandatory information sheet to capture data that is
    not available in report.
2.  Mapping: Creating mapping using appropriate taxonomy.
3.  Ensure Compliance with Regulatory Guidelines: Follow all
    guidelines and validate element selection. Create valid XBRL
    instance documents and verify with the regulatory site.
4.  Generate and and prepare package of XBRL for Regulatory Filing:
    After verification, validation and review, generate final XBRL
    instance documents and prepare package for submitting on
    regulatory sites.

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